Intesse® X Stevia: A Unique Sweetening
Solution for Dairy Products
Intesse® X Stevia is a stevia-based solution for sugar-reduced
dairy products. It intensifies the sweetness by up to as much as 10% SEV*.
"*SEV is the abbreviation of “Sugar Equivalence Value"
Your senses will be heightened by silky mouthfeel and rich creamy flavor!
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Boosted Creamy Flavor
Synergistic with
Clean Sweet Taste
Reduces need for flavor modifiers
Great Stability
friendly solution
Plant-based Extracts
and Zero Calories
Derived from plants, suitable for low-calorie/sugar dairy and dairy alternative products
Intesse® X Stevia in strawberry-flavored yogurt
(no sugar added, non-fat)
Sensory Evaluation:
Balanced sweet-sour profile
Enhanced full-bodied mouthfeel
Increased creamy taste and flavor
Great Taste
Clean Label
Low Cost-in-use
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SGF’s R&D team has developed Intesse® X Stevia that enhances the creamy flavor and mouthfeel existing in the formulation that could be dairy, dairy alternatives, protein beverages, cereal products or many more.
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